Stripping back the back road

There used to be cockatoos. Great swathes of them. They’d rise and fall and rise in unison. Tight. As though someone in heaven was waving great white sheets over wheaten paddocks. There used to be a single house. A 1960s cream bricker behind two large, deep green leafy trees. It fronted horse paddocks, corrugated sheds, … Continue reading Stripping back the back road


Six significant trees and their meanings

Pink-trunked gum, south eastern Lake Weeroona corner Canopy for Friday fish and chips The fancy sort from across the road Flat head tails, beer battered and Weary souls are lifted through the pink Pink branches, glowing in the late summer Sunset pink.   Morton Bay Fig, Rosalind Park slope Starting block for children to run … Continue reading Six significant trees and their meanings